Grade 1 & 2 Talent Development (formerly ISP)

Curiosity Expedition- a Pursuit of Passion

Adapted from envision series by Melanie L. Bondy

Think about what you are curious about. What interests you? What would you ​passionately​ like to know more about?

You are going to brainstorm a few topics that would be fun and interesting to research and learn more about. Think of different subject areas such as: math, science, social studies, reading, writing, art music, technology and physical fitness. Your topic may be a person, place, time, event, activity or object. Do not include topics with which you are already familiar; for example, if you have taken piano lessons for five years, don’t choose ‘piano’ as one of your topics. Choose topics about which you don’t know much but about which you would like to learn more. Make a list of your topic ideas on this page. Write topics you are REALLY interested in ​big and bold​! Topics that are not your very top choices may be written ​smaller and lighter​. Give it a try! If you need to go to the library to look for ideas (in the non- fiction section) take this with you to jot your ideas. Remember, your topic brainstorm should be REALLY interesting to YOU, and you shouldn’t already be an expert on your topic choices! List ​at least​ 6 choices.