3rd Grade Talent Development (formerly ISP)

Joe Lee Johnson Elementary STEAM Academy

Pet Parade

Welcome to pet parade! Pet parade allows you to choose and research a future pet for adoption or purchase. You will research various traits of different pets to narrow your choice to a pet you might like to have when you are older. You will research and illustrate the aspects of a pet's life, your responsibilities for pet care, supplies, and costs involved. You will even choose your pet's name and design an appropriate pet toy!

Pet Parade Assignments

Pet Choice Picture Chart: Spread out a large sheet of paper and record five pets that you may want to own when you are older. Be creative and think of both common and uncommon pets, indoor and outdoor pets. Include a picture of each pet along with its name. Neatly draw three lines underneath each picture. This will not be included in your portfolio.

Due Date: Wednesday, Sept 6th

Traits List: Underneath each picture, record the pet’s positive traits or attributes on the lines that you drew. What would make each animal a good pet? What do you like best about each animal?

Due date: Monday, September 11th

Adjective Wheels: Create an adjective wheel for your top two pets. Be sure to include at least 10 adjectives that best describe each pet. Choose adjectives that are not included in your pet recipe. Be creative.

Due Date: Wednesday, Sept 13th

Selection: Looking over your picture chart, adjective wheel, and traits list, choose the animal you would like to have for a pet. Write two paragraphs explaining why you made your choice. The first paragraph should include the reasons you did not choose the other animals. The second paragraph should describe why you chose the animal you did. This assignment must be typed and submitted in Google Drive.

Due Date: Wednesday, Sept. 20th

Life Cycle Illustration: Research the different life cycles that your pet will go through. Use the information to illustrate the life cycle and include the life expectancy of your pet.

Due Date: Wednesday, Sept. 27th

Cinquain Poem: In Google Docs, create a cinquain poem. The poem should be centered. The title of the poem will be your animal’s name. Include an illustration for your poem from ClipArt.

Due Date: Wednesday, Oct 4th

Comic strip or song: Draw a comic strip showing how you will entertain your pet/what you will do together OR compose a song that explains why you chose this pet.

Due Date:Wednesday, Oct. 11th

Detailed Pet Supply and Cost Table: In Google Sheets, create a list of the supplies and the cost of the supplies your pet will need. You should be able to find this on the Petco or Petsmart websites. Organize the data into sections: one-time needs, weekly needs, monthly needs, and yearly needs. Use the sum tool in Google Sheets to calculate the subtotals for each section.

Due Date: Wednesday, Oct. 18th

Pet Toy: Research appropriate types of pet toys for your pet. Make a toy that your future pet can play with. This can be designed on paper and/or constructed out of any materials you have at home or in the supply room here at school.

Due Date: Wednesday, Oct. 25th

Commercial: Create a 30 to 90 second commercial for your animal. This can be live action, with stuffed toys, claymation, a PhotoStory, or any other video format you choose. If you create it at home, please bring it on a CD, DVD, or flash drive or upload to YouTube and share the link so that we may view it in class. You are advertising your pet as the best pet to own.

Due Date: Wednesday, Nov. 1st

Cover Page: Create an eye-catching cover page for your portfolio that includes an original title for your project as well as your first and last name, and the classroom presentation date. You should also include some type of artwork that relates to your topic.

Table of Contents: In Google Docs, type a table of contents. This can just be a list, in order, of the contents of your portfolio. The header should say “Table of Contents”.

Due Date: Wednesday, Nov. 8th

Portfolio: Create an eye-catching cover page for your portfolio that includes an original title for your project as well as your first and last name, and the classroom presentation date. You should also include some type of artwork that relates to your topic.

Due Date: Wednesday, Nov. 15th

Display Board: Use a large two- or three- panel display board to create an “advertisement” for your pet. It must include your pet’s title, your name, your pet choice picture chart, and your Detailed Pet Supply and Cost Table. You may then choose to add any of your portfolio items or any additional materials that you wish. Your display board should be neat, organized, and display TAG-quality effort.

Due Date: Wednesday, Dec. 6th.

Presentation:Be sure to rehearse your presentation at home before the due date. You will introduce your animal, share your two favorite pieces from your portfolio, introduce each part of your display board, and share your commercial. Must bring own device from home.

Due Date: Monday, Dec. 11th

Independent Study Activity Due Date
Pet Choice Picture Chart Wednesday, September 06
Traits list Wednesday, September 11
Adjective list Wednesday, September 13
Selection Wednesday, September 20
Life Cycle Illustration Wednesday, September 27
Cinquain Wednesday, October 04
Comic strip or song Wednesday, October 11
Detailed Pet Supply & Cost Table Wednesday, October 18
Pet toy Wednesday, October 25
Commercial Wednesday, November 01
Cover Page and Table of Contents Wednesday, November 08
Portfolio Wednesday, November 15
Display Board Wednesday, December 08
Presentation in class Wednesday, December 11