5th Grade Talent Development (formerly ISP)

Joe Lee Johnson Elementary STEAM Academy

Travel Passport

Travel Passport is about taking a journey- a journey of the imagination. It is also a very real journey of discovery, research, and creativity.

The project begins with your receiving an imaginary budget of $5000. You will be required to spend at least $3500. Your trip must be a minimum of 5, but no more than 10, days long. You may not choose Texas as a destination.

All assignments must be typed and passed in via Google Classroom.

Destination Selection: Select a state or country as a destination for your trip. Answer the following questions about your selection in a Google Doc:
1. Why did you choose this destination?
2. What month of the year will you take your trip? Why?
3. Who will accompany you on your trip?
4. How will this affect your budget?
5. What is the latitude and longitude?
6. What is nearby? (cities, landmarks, geographical features)
7. How do costs, seasonal patterns, and the destination itself affect your decision about when to travel and how long to stay?
8. If you are traveling internationally, what is the exchange rate and how does that affect your plans?

(1-2 pages)

Due Date: Wed. Thursday, Sept 14

Local Art: Research an art museum, artist, actor, musician or performance venue from your locale, or some combination of these. Write a 1-2 page informative essay about your chosen subject.

Due date: Thurs, Sept 28

Trip Itinerary: Create a detailed daily itinerary for your trip using Google Sheets beginning with the day you depart and concluding with the day of your return. Be sure to account for every part of your day. Your itinerary must include visiting the following: historical site, cultural site, and a well known attraction. Don’t forget meals and sightseeing.

Due Date: Thurs, Oct 12

Destination Information Brochure: Research the state or country you will visit on your trip using library resources (print and online). You must include the following: Name of your destination, flag, capital city, language(s) spoken, and a map. The other information you choose to include is your choice. Create a brochure for your destination using Google Drawings. You can look at examples online or in print to get ideas.

Due Date: Thurs, Oct 26

Trip Expense Spreadsheet: Create a spreadsheet by category showing your trip expenses using Google Sheets. You should spend a minimum of $3500 and a maximum of $5000. Your categories should include: lodging, transportation, entrance fees, and excursions.

Due Date: Thurs, Nov 16

Tourism Commercial: Create a short tourism commercial to encourage others to visit your trip destination. You should include information about your destination and why others would want to visit. You may either create a video recording or use PhotoStory. If you create a video recording, you must do something to make it visually appealing; it cannot just be you talking to the camera.

Due Date: Tues. Nov 28

Portfolio and Display Board

Table of Contents: Create a Table of Contents with Google Docs that lists all the sections and components of your portfolio along with their corresponding page numbers.

Due Date: Tues, Dec. 5th

Cover Page: Using Google Docs or Google Drawing, create an eye-catching cover page for your portfolio that includes an original title, your name, and the class presentation date. Be sure to use some color and include at least one illustration.

Due Date: Tues. Dec 5th

Portfolio: Organize all of your materials in a three-ring binder. The table of contents should come first, followed by the rest of your assignments. Your cover page should go on the front of the portfolio.

Due Date: Tuesday, Dec 5th

Display Board: Use a large two- or three- panel display board to display the work that you have done for this ISP. You may choose to add any of your portfolio items or any additional materials that you wish. Your display board should be neat, organized, and display TAG-quality effort.

Due Date: Thurs. Dec 7th.


Presentations will be in class. Thursday,, Dec 14th.

Activities Introduced:
(Earliest activity can be started)
Due Date Date Activity Is Completed
Destination Selection (1-2 pages) Thurs. 09/14
Local Art (1-2 pages) Thurs. 09/28
Trip Itinerary Thurs. 10/12
Destination Information Brochure Thurs. 10/28
Trip Expense Spreadsheet Thurs. 11/16
Tourism Commercial Tuesday 11/28
Table of Contents, Cover Page, Portfolio Tuesday 12/05
Display board Thurs. 12/07
Presentation on class Thurs. 12/14 Teacher Evaluation