Hi Parents,

Some of you have asked about summer enrichment. Here is a list of sites that might help. Also, remember that summertime activities can teach kids all kinds of things, from swimming, fishing, camping, reading, hiking, geocache-ing, catching fire-flies, miniature golf, etc. And everyone needs some downtime to daydream, nap, or just lay on the grass and look at the sky! Have a great summer!!

Math Reading
Educational Fun
Decision Making Games
Social Studies
  • Road Trip Geography - Understand how cities, countries, and continents make up the world. Thank you to Elliot for suggesting this great site!
  • USA Map Game - Place each state in its correct place on the map. Race the clock and improve your time!
  • Continent and World Map Games - Become a global geography expert! *Start with each continent game first. Once you become an expert on all 7 continents, then try the world map game!
  • Culture Trivia - Search for answers on Culturegrams (available through summer RRISD library log in)
  • CultureGrams website -This site is on COES Research Resources. It gives more information about each country.
  • Freerice.com - Knowledge as action: Answer educational trivia to help solve world hunger!
  • Google Earth just released a Chrome browser version, which includes neat features. Use the Voyager feature to find cultural insights from around the globe. The site allows Street View, so you can walk down the streets of far away places.
Make Your Own
Video Game Design
  • Gamestar Mechanic --use your real name when you create your account, and you don't have to put an e-mail. You do need to put your birthday in because there are some things in it they only allow to be used by those that are 13 or over. There's a privacy policy, a terms of use policy, and a parents' section that you should read.